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Why Consumers Are Switching to Water-based Vacuums

The issues with a standard vacuum are many. The bags tend to be hard to clean or the reservoir for dirt and grim aren’t easy to scour. The suction on the vacuum isn’t always constant because of how it is put together. There is also the issue of carpets being so think the suction doesn’t get all the dirt and grime that it contains. Luckily there is another option: A Water filter vacuum.

The basic concept of a water Sirena water vacuum is that water is used in place of a dust reservoir or a dust bag. This water helps filter the dirt from the rest of the house. This doesn’t just clean the floor or the carpet, it also helps filter the dust from the air. Regular vacuums tend to expel dust as it cleans the floor, leaving the room dirty. This doesn’t happen with a water vacuum.

A water vacuum helps maintain that nice and fresh feel of a normal home. It can pick up almost any type of debris and dust that can fit under the vacuum. Cleaning is as easy as dumping the water out and rinsing out the water reservoir. This concept is one that should be in every home across the USA and Canada.