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Top Lake County Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer (224) 203-2224

attorney Bruce Rafalson

Bruce Rafalson dedicated his first years of legal representation to public service as a public defender in Manhattan, New York. Bruce established a reputation as a relentless litigator, obtaining acquittals in approximately 90% of his trials, and successfully presenting clients in front of the Grand Jury. Bruce returned to Chicago and broadened his practice to civil litigation, including personal injury, workers compensation, and family law. Throughout his 20 years of practice, he represented clients in complex personal injury and workers’ compensation trials and obtained large verdicts on their behalf. Also, he has represented clients in media cases such as the “straw man” gun purchase case, where he obtained a 10 minute acquittal in federal court. Bruce has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, and has appeared on ABC Nightline, local television, and on radio’s Jonathan Brandmeier show. Bruce attended IIT Chicago Kent College of Law on scholarship and served as an editor on the Law Review, graduating 7th in his law school class. Bruce’s clients as well as opposing counsel trust and respect his superior skills, knowledge, and professional courtesy.

Currently, Bruce is representing a defendant in a reckless homicide case that has generated public attention, and has filed suit in connection with the case against Ford Motor Company alleging undisclosed defects leading to sudden unintended acceleration.

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Is Stealth Attraction For REAL?

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LeadPages or Clickfunnels?

Building an email list is the most important part of your business. So you want to make sure you have great tools that are easy to use and scalable. Two of the best on the market are Clickfunnels and Lead pages.

Best Video Ranking Service Online

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Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner 2014

The Dyson DC65 is a great solution if you’re considering upgrading your vacuum to a brand new one in 2014. And it comes in three different models. To learn more about the differences between the models click the link below.


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ClickFunnels Review by Russell Brunson

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Lead Pages Review

The most important and valuable asset of an online marketer is their email list. And about the best tool to build an email marketing list is Lead Pages. To learn more about Lead Pages watch the full video review above.

Pure Air In Your Home by Air Fantastic

We spend a majority of our life in our home, shouldn’t the air quality be as pure as possible? With the Air Fantastic line of air purifier’s it can be. Whether you or a loved one has allergies or you just want the assurance that your Air is as clean as it can be the Air Fantastic product line is what you want.

The Air Fantastic line of advanced indoor environmental Sanitizers are Eco friendly and whisper quiet. The only thing you will hear is the sound of your own breathing. The Air Fantastic line of products is a must have for any home or workshop.

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The Air Fantastic products promote healthy living by eliminating particulars from the air and reducing mold and fungus by 99%. This helps to reduce symptoms caused by allergies and other respiratory problems. If breathing is important to you then Air Fantastic is the way to go.

Why Consumers Are Switching to Water-based Vacuums

The issues with a standard vacuum are many. The bags tend to be hard to clean or the reservoir for dirt and grim aren’t easy to scour. The suction on the vacuum isn’t always constant because of how it is put together. There is also the issue of carpets being so think the suction doesn’t get all the dirt and grime that it contains. Luckily there is another option: A Water filter vacuum.

The basic concept of a water Sirena water vacuum is that water is used in place of a dust reservoir or a dust bag. This water helps filter the dirt from the rest of the house. This doesn’t just clean the floor or the carpet, it also helps filter the dust from the air. Regular vacuums tend to expel dust as it cleans the floor, leaving the room dirty. This doesn’t happen with a water vacuum.

A water vacuum helps maintain that nice and fresh feel of a normal home. It can pick up almost any type of debris and dust that can fit under the vacuum. Cleaning is as easy as dumping the water out and rinsing out the water reservoir. This concept is one that should be in every home across the USA and Canada.