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The Fastest and Easiest Way to Learn Internet Marketing

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So, what is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the selling of other peoples product in exchange for a commission. For example, a salesperson sells car, insurance, houses etc in exchange for a commission. The good news is you do not have to carry this task physically, you can do this in the comfort of your own home. There is no product to carry or store. A code will be assigned to you when you join an affiliate program on a chosen niche.

For example, If you are interested or passionate about dogs, you may like to join a dog training affiliate program, skin care program, parenting program or health and fitness program.

Your Mindset

The first important step is to have the right mindset and a strong will to succeed. The next step is to learn about Affiliate Marketing. Educate yourself by searching the web for free information. Simply type “Affiliate Marketing or Internet Marketing”.

Learning from successful people is the fastest way to get started. There are marketing seminar, online or offline courses to help you fast track your idea. The advantage of learning from the expert is that, they have already come up with a successful systems for you to follow. You can obviously try to figure out everything by yourself which may take months or years.

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Bruce Rafalson dedicated his first years of legal representation to public service as a public defender in Manhattan, New York. Bruce established a reputation as a relentless litigator, obtaining acquittals in approximately 90% of his trials, and successfully presenting clients in front of the Grand Jury. Bruce returned to Chicago and broadened his practice to civil litigation, including personal injury, workers compensation, and family law. Throughout his 20 years of practice, he represented clients in complex personal injury and workers’ compensation trials and obtained large verdicts on their behalf. Also, he has represented clients in media cases such as the “straw man” gun purchase case, where he obtained a 10 minute acquittal in federal court. Bruce has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, and has appeared on ABC Nightline, local television, and on radio’s Jonathan Brandmeier show. Bruce attended IIT Chicago Kent College of Law on scholarship and served as an editor on the Law Review, graduating 7th in his law school class. Bruce’s clients as well as opposing counsel trust and respect his superior skills, knowledge, and professional courtesy.

Currently, Bruce is representing a defendant in a reckless homicide case that has generated public attention, and has filed suit in connection with the case against Ford Motor Company alleging undisclosed defects leading to sudden unintended acceleration.

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